Never Too Late To Love

The world appears to be a frightening place. The news is worse than a horror movie. People are getting murdered. Natural disasters are destroying homes. People are getting sick. Lives are being ruined.

It’s scary to think, that I now fear friends and family members getting murdered the same amount as I fear them being diagnosed with cancer. How unfortunate to have to think that way. When people are being fed hatred, it leads to negative outcomes. Does anyone else feel helpless to stop the horror?

Should we just live in fear everyday? Should we change our lifestyle? Should we not leave the house? 

Is there a solution? Yes.

I believe, the solution is and always will be Love. You may ask - how can love creep into the lives of the people who are on a mission to kill? It may not. That doesn’t mean that we are helpless to do anything though.

People want to be loved. People want to feel supported and accepted. It’s hard to feel that way in today’s society and some people never will. They may give up before getting to that point and choose to do something unforgivable. However, anyone can CHOOSE to cultivate love and acceptance in their own life. Is that enough to save the entire world? No. Is it enough to change YOUR world? Yes.

To still find love and peace through the tragedies and hatred around us is true success and 100% worth it.

It Is Never Too Late To Love.